Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reflections #WLS

I'll admit to being a HUGE Diana Ross and the Supremes fan.  They were such divas and at times, I imagine myself to be a diva too! :D  The title of this particular blog posts comes from one of my favorites songs by the group and while they sing of love lost and longing, I'm using it as a moment to look back on where I started and where I am today.

It will be a year on June 27.  A year for what?  My RNY surgery.  It has been the most epic and life-changing event to ever happen to me.  Has it been easy?  Not at all but I have not one moment of regret.  I have learned so many life lessons and I'll share a few.

  1. I am so much stronger that I ever thought I could be.
    Strength comes from with in.  It comes from being able to ask for help when you need it. It also comes from recognizing your own weaknesses and doing what needs to be done to correct them or finding someone to work with you on them.  I really thought I could handle everything but I quickly learned that I needed help.   Realizing this fact and actually asking for help made me a better person.

  2. I have learned the meaning of true friendship and love.Believe it or not, I have actually had some people who no longer really socialize with me since the weight loss has started.  I have never been the type to rub it in anyone's face about losing weight because I know how hard it is and frankly, the attention I've been getting sometimes terrifies me but some of the people who were supportive before the surgery have just 'disappeared'.  No ugly falling out or anything like that.  Too busy to talk or visit or have visits.  The dreaded "we have nothing in common any more" or "you don't understand how I feel".  It's true, our relationship can't be centered around food any more because I have changed in that aspect but I'm still your friend, I still love to shop and talk and goof off.  I still want to be there for you.  I really do understand.  The surgery was a kick start, not the magic wand!  I still have work to do and a long road to hoe! (Thanks, grandma, for that one! LOL)

    What I have discovered is that I have my own personal cheerleaders.  They support, commensurate and kick my butt when needed! Some are family, some are friends and coworkers, all are wonderful!!  DH is the best thing ever.  He is my rock and my strength.  He lets me bitch, moan and cry.  He also helps me celebrate and buy new, pretty things.  He makes me feel beautiful, regardless of size.  I love him!!

  3. I have learned that without support, I wouldn't have made it this far. (Thanks, BBGC!!)  One of the first things we were told, even before surgery, was to find a good support group.  I have gone to face to face groups and they were OK but the best group I have found was online.  The Bariatric Bad Girls Club is the most awesome group of ladies (and a few gents) ever!!  They support and love on you but they also keep it real and I appreciate that.  They don't sugarcoat the ups and down of living life after surgery and everyone's journey is different but they respect that.  They celebrate with you, cry with you and pick you up when you need someone to hold your hand.  I love those wild girls and one day, I hope to meet many of them in person.
My next doctor visit won't be until July 11th so I can't report an official weight yer. (no, I still don't own a scale!!) I just wanted to share what has been going on and where my thoughts are!  Be blessed and have a wonderful Saturday!!