Monday, April 2, 2012

Non-Scale Victories or "Does this mean I get to go shopping?"

For the uninitiated, non-scale victories are just that – things that happen in the course of weight loss that aren’t defined by the weight on the scale.  For a better understanding, this is an excellent article on the topic.  Non-scale victories or NSV’s are those little things that show you the progress you are making.  It could be something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs and realizing you aren’t huffing and puffing when you reach the top or something major like fitting into the seat at the movie theater.  NSV are different for everyone but are no less important.
It’s the little things that keep you going on the days when you feel stressed or just having a bad day.  Here’s my current list of non-scale victories.  I want them written out so on days when I wonder “Why me?” and I’m en-route to my pity party, I can be reminded of the good things that have  happened so far.

Ø  Going into my closet and wearing the cute, pre-obese clothes that I had been holding on to with the fantasy of being able to wear them again one day. 

Ø  Date night with hubby and we went to the movies.  I fit in the stadium seats comfortably and realized how much I missed going to the movies because I feared not fitting in the seats!

Ø  Going the huge garden center and walking around for almost an hour without realizing it!  Before, I would have been exhausted after 10 minutes and would have spent most of the time sitting around.

Ø  Turning into this weekend “domestic goddess”!  On Saturdays, I get up early, cook breakfast and clean the house while rocking out to my ‘housecleaning list’ on my IPod.  I can remember spending many Saturdays sleeping all day because I was so tired all the time.  My energy has come up and I just feel fantastic!

Ø  Looking in the mirror and starting to see the girl I used to be in college.  I’m not at college weight (yet!) but she is on her way back!

There are so many other small yet meaningful things that happen every day that make my choice worthwhile.  I know there will be rough days but just see this list reminds me that victory come in big burst or in small rays of sunshine.