Friday, November 2, 2012

Why I write about my health #NHBPM

I was invited to join the National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) and the challenge is to write 30 posts in 30 days.  I'm behind because I just joined today so I'm playing catch up.  My question today was the title of this post: Why I write about my health.

I started this blog to keep track of how I was feeling about the whole process of WLS and to just wrap my brain around the whole idea of what I was doing and my reasons why. I also have some fabulous online friends who want to keep track of how I was doing and what was going on through this whole process.

 To say this has be life altering would be a total understatement.  Having the surgery and losing the weight has given me a new lease on life, literally.  I never knew how much I hid myself away until I could no longer hide behind the fat.  There are times when this is terrifying because as I shrink, I;m faced with new situations but at the same time, I'm growing into a better version of me.

I felt the need to share my story with everyone because I wanted them to understand this wasn't an easy decision and it is a life long commitment.  Contrary to popular belief, WLS is not the "easy" way out.  It's a lifestyle change that you can't walk away from.  I will be altered FOREVER!  Instead, I'm learning how to live with a new me and sharing that journey with the world and that, my dear readers, is why I write about my health!


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