Monday, November 12, 2012

Doing the right thing, even when you feel like going THERE! #NHBPM

There are times when you have to imagine yourself in a better place to be a better person.  It's not easy to ignore the ignorance of others but it still hurts.  I won't go into details but there was an issue with a co-worker and ugly lies being said.  It hurt to have these words to come back to me, especially because, up until this point, I thought this was a fairly trustworthy person.  We weren't friends but I thought we were in a better place.  Apparently, I was mistaken.

It took me a few weeks to get my feet back under me and a lot of prayer.  There were so many things I wanted to say but remembering this was my place of work, I refrained and now I'm glad I did.  So many of my co-workers came to my defense and that heartened me to know others cared so much.  I think the best thing I was told was by a co-worker in a unexpected conversation.  She told me she was proud of the way I carried myself and that I didn't stoop to the other lady's level.  As a result, it made me look good in the eyes of my coworkers and my bosses while my coworker looked petty.  She and I still work together but it's definitely a professional relationship with as little contact as possible.  It's safe to say, I don't trust her and in spite of her overtures, I know I never will.

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