Monday, November 12, 2012

Activist? Who Me? #NHBPM

Today's post is about being a health advocate.  Believe me, if you go back and read my very first post, this blog started as a way to work through my feelings about my decision to have WLS surgery and what happened along the way.  Some how the mission changed.  I believe in being honest about what is really going on.  WLS is not a walk in the park, contary to popular belief.  It is a totally committed lifestyle change.  It's not for everyone but it was the choice for me!

I'm also seeing the importance of advocating health and clean food choices, positive body image and being a positive and inspirational person.  I have made an incredible journey and by sharing this journey, I have became a spokesperson of sorts for making health care choices that best suit you.  I know there are some who would not chose to have surgery and that's ok.  It was the best decision for me and I don't regret it. 


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