Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful and Blessed. #NHBPM

I am so woefully behind so I'm just picking and choosing in the spirit of NHBPM.  Real life has a way of changing the best laid plans but this time I can say this life event made me realize how blessed and highly favored my family is.

My niece was hit by a school bus on Friday, November 16.  She lost her left foot as a result but we didn't lose HER.  She is only four but she has become the center of so many people's lives.  Her resilience and the bouncing back she has done shows us that no situation should define us and we have to face life head on.  She is smiling and laughing and playing and it really makes you wonder if the trivial things we worry about are really important.  Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make you understand your priorities.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Seven Thanksgiving Diet Disasters to Avoid - ABC News

It's almost Thanksgiving, foodie holiday of the U.S.  For those of us who had WLS, it's a virtual landmine of foods that have been deemed off limits.  For some, it's a matter of their bodies can't handle it any more but for some like me, it's a choice.  I'll be sticking to turkey and veggies...OK, maybe a spoon of of my mom's dressing!  Enjoy the article and Happy Thanksgiving!

Seven Thanksgiving Diet Disasters to Avoid - ABC News

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hiding the people I love. #NHBPM

I have a tendency to not mention people by name in my blog.  As I said in an earlier post, this is a forum for all of my issues and I know everyone does not want to be thrust into the web spotlight.  Sometimes I'll mention someone (first name only) when something great has happened but as a rule, I don't expose anyone who doesn't not want to be put out there.  It's just a respectful thing to do. 

Designer Doctor's Office. #NHBPM

I must saw, first of all, this is not my doctor's off.  Personally, I love my doctor's office.  Since I think it's designed wonderfully, I just describe it.

  • It has comfortable and size appropriate chairs.  As a plus sized person, this is a must!
  • Warm colors.  The offices are done in shades of yellow, greens and browns.  It's so comforting and relaxing. 
  • Awesome staff.  They remember your name and always seem glad to see you.  
I don't know what else I would want.  Everyone has their things that are a yes or no for their own doctor so the important key is finding the office and doctor that best fits you.  Never be afraid to change doctors if the one you are seeing doesn't have your best interests in mind.  Go with your gut!


Doing the right thing, even when you feel like going THERE! #NHBPM

There are times when you have to imagine yourself in a better place to be a better person.  It's not easy to ignore the ignorance of others but it still hurts.  I won't go into details but there was an issue with a co-worker and ugly lies being said.  It hurt to have these words to come back to me, especially because, up until this point, I thought this was a fairly trustworthy person.  We weren't friends but I thought we were in a better place.  Apparently, I was mistaken.

It took me a few weeks to get my feet back under me and a lot of prayer.  There were so many things I wanted to say but remembering this was my place of work, I refrained and now I'm glad I did.  So many of my co-workers came to my defense and that heartened me to know others cared so much.  I think the best thing I was told was by a co-worker in a unexpected conversation.  She told me she was proud of the way I carried myself and that I didn't stoop to the other lady's level.  As a result, it made me look good in the eyes of my coworkers and my bosses while my coworker looked petty.  She and I still work together but it's definitely a professional relationship with as little contact as possible.  It's safe to say, I don't trust her and in spite of her overtures, I know I never will.

Activist? Who Me? #NHBPM

Today's post is about being a health advocate.  Believe me, if you go back and read my very first post, this blog started as a way to work through my feelings about my decision to have WLS surgery and what happened along the way.  Some how the mission changed.  I believe in being honest about what is really going on.  WLS is not a walk in the park, contary to popular belief.  It is a totally committed lifestyle change.  It's not for everyone but it was the choice for me!

I'm also seeing the importance of advocating health and clean food choices, positive body image and being a positive and inspirational person.  I have made an incredible journey and by sharing this journey, I have became a spokesperson of sorts for making health care choices that best suit you.  I know there are some who would not chose to have surgery and that's ok.  It was the best decision for me and I don't regret it. 


Sharing is caring, right? #NHBPM

Today's post is about disclosure or what have I chosen to share on this blog.  It stands to reason that when I chose to write a blog and make it public, I was opening myself up in ways I hadn't previously thought about.  With that in mind, I had to make a series of personal decisions on what I would and would not share.  So here is my list.
  • My starting weight.  I'm just not ready.
  • Too much of my personal family.  This is my blog and they didn't ask to be revealed to the world. 
  • My job.  I teach and that's all you need to know.
I think this is my list in a nutshell.  I'm sure there is more but I can't think of it right now or it hasn't really come up as an issue yet.   This means, this list will be amended at will and whim! LOL


The Hardest Conversation Ever. #NHBPM

First of all, I am woefully behind, but in my defense, I have been sick and with the holidays coming up, school has also been super busy.  The prompt today is about a conversation with your doctor.  Several come to mind but the biggest one is the "Lose weight or die" conversation.  Hearing your options laid out in black and white makes the whole thing crystal clear.  I know she wasn't doing it to scare me (maybe she was) but I needed to hear it like that.  I was in total denial about how much I weighed and how much of an effect it was having on my physical and mental life.  That no nonsense conversation saved my life because, even through the tears, I knew she was absolutely right.  Now down 185 pounds, I see what I was missing and even though I haven't hit goal yet, my life is better because I feel better.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Worthy Words #NHBPM

Today's challenge was to pick and inspirational quote.  This is my current favorite. It's even the screen saver on my IPhone!  It reminds me the power of being well dressed, no matter how I am feeling and putting effort in to looking good makes me feel good. (especially when I get complements!) 

As a teacher, I know that education is always important and you never should stop learning.  Read a book, talk to someone new.  You never know what you'll learn if you get off the phone or Internet and just notice what's going on around you.  There is no such thing as too much education.  Oscar knew what he was talking about!

Why I write about my health #NHBPM

I was invited to join the National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) and the challenge is to write 30 posts in 30 days.  I'm behind because I just joined today so I'm playing catch up.  My question today was the title of this post: Why I write about my health.

I started this blog to keep track of how I was feeling about the whole process of WLS and to just wrap my brain around the whole idea of what I was doing and my reasons why. I also have some fabulous online friends who want to keep track of how I was doing and what was going on through this whole process.

 To say this has be life altering would be a total understatement.  Having the surgery and losing the weight has given me a new lease on life, literally.  I never knew how much I hid myself away until I could no longer hide behind the fat.  There are times when this is terrifying because as I shrink, I;m faced with new situations but at the same time, I'm growing into a better version of me.

I felt the need to share my story with everyone because I wanted them to understand this wasn't an easy decision and it is a life long commitment.  Contrary to popular belief, WLS is not the "easy" way out.  It's a lifestyle change that you can't walk away from.  I will be altered FOREVER!  Instead, I'm learning how to live with a new me and sharing that journey with the world and that, my dear readers, is why I write about my health!