Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swag Win and Big Train Product Review

First of all, a big thanks to Faith Walker a.k.a. Atlanta WLS Diva for sponsoring the contest!  I was thrilled to win, especially because:

  1. I NEVER win anything
  2. I've wanted to try this product but it's pricey and I was afraid I wasn't going to like it! 
The prize was a sample pack of Big Train's Fit Frappe protein products (espresso, mocha, chocolate, vanilla, and vanilla latte), a shaker bottle for on the go and a HUGE bottle of Torani sugar-free caramel syrup.  It was an awesome prize and it was swag-tacular!! 


One thing I first noted about the product was the fact that it could be served hot, blended or cold!  Most protein drinks are cold or blended only so this made it a big plus in my book, esprcially with winter comeing this way.  The idea of having a hot protein drink seems delightful!

My first try was the mocha.  It was fixed on the way out of the door to church.  I used half a packet with hot water from my Keurig and drank it on the way to church.  It was the most awesome thing ever!!  It was the mocha flavored with a wonderful coffee background and no yucky protein aftertaste.  I totally enjoyed it!

My second try was the vanilla latte.  I also tried it hot, prepared the same way I prepared the mocha.  Again, it was wonderful and coffeehouse good.  The vanilla and coffee flavors balanced perfectly and again, no yucky protein aftertaste.

The espresso was next flavor.  It was great and because I am not a black coffee fan, I added sugar free vanilla creamer to one cup and the next cup, sugar free hazelnut creamer.  Both were great and this is one flavor I will keep on had at school.  All I need is hot water and I'm ready to roll.

I haven't tried the choclate and vanilla yet.  I'm trying to decide how creative I'm going to be with them.  I highly recommend the Big Train products for all of your protein needs and just beccause3 they taste soooo good!  Thanks again, Faith, for introducing me to this wonderful product!!