Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday in the park!

It has been an interesting 10 months.  So many changes have come about and with them, changes in perception and attitude, both mine and others.  But first things first.  My Saturday has started out great.  I have a load of clothes in the washer, breakfast on the table for DH and I gathered my first harvest from my basil plants!
This is a big bowl and I'm thrilled they are growing so well!  I wish I could do scratch and sniff because the basil smells wonderful!  These will be dried (low heat, 200 degrees) and stored in an airtight jar.  It so wonderful in so many dishes and when you compare store basil that is mostly stems, this is so worth the effort of drying your own.  My other plants are doing well and I can't wait to see what bounty they will bring.

I was saddened by the news of the death of Adam Yauch, better known as MCA of the Beastie Boys.  The first song I remember hearing from them was Brass Monkey.  It was my senior year of high school and for a bunch of African-american kids, it was a pivotal moment.  It was the first time we had heard white guys rap and it was so different from what we had heard before.  It was mind blowing and we loved it!  RIP, MCA - You changed us all so much!

I guess it's also time to post a picture of myself to just let my few readers see my progress.  I was blown away when I saw the difference but here goes nothing:

It's just wow to me.  I have no words so I'll move on.  We have plans to go to the Swinging Bridge Festival.  It's a local thing but it sounds like fun and it's a beautiful Saturday to be out and about.  Have a good weekend, my friends and until next time,


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