Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seating Arrangements

You never realize how important a chair is until you cannot fit into one. 

 I’m talking about chairs with arms.  You know the ones, those typical chairs found in doctor’s offices, lounges and all other types of places where a good number of people gather.  It is a subtle change.  

At first, they become a little uncomfortable.

 Then they become downright painful.

One day, they become impossible.

You never realize how important a chair is until you cannot fit into one.

So many things unexpectedly become unavailable to you because of seating.

Sporting games

Need I say more?

Your social activities become limited because of the places you can or cannot go.  However, it becomes so much more than that.  Now there is a fear.  I was always afraid of going to someone’s home or out somewhere and not having a chair that would fit me.  You’d be surprised how many meetings I arrived to early in order to scope out the seating.  Knowing I wouldn’t be the only “big girl” in the room, I wanted first dibs on the few seats that might be available.  Out in public, socializing became limited to a few places where I knew there wouldn’t be a problem with the seating.

You know one of the things I really missed?  Sitting in a booth.  Now I know most places have shrunk the size of their booths to accommodate more patrons but even in places with large booths, at my heaviest, they were unavailable to me.  I would be squished in and miserable, not to mention self-conscience.  Real or imagined, I just knew everyone was staring at “the fat girl” squished in the booth.   I’ll admit I was miserable, with myself, my appearance, and the route my life was taking.
So now that I've explained myself (I hope), I want to share happy thoughts!  Hubby and I went out to dinner one evening after work.  Cheddar’s is a personal favorite of mine because they do have some WLS friendly dishes so I don’t feel like the odd bird when ordering.  The only seats available were in the bar area which meant all booths.  Hubby and I did the eye exchange conversation (Ladies, you know the one! LOL) and I agreed to try the booth.  After all, I had lost maybe 80 pounds at this point, so I figured it would be ok.  

Not only was it ok, it was fantastic!  I slid in the booth, I had room and it was comfortable.  I spent the entire meal in shock and deliriously happy because I was in a booth. I’m sure the wait staff thought hubby and I were crazy because we were grinning like two fools.   I know some people won’t get the inexplicable joy I felt sitting there but anyone who has had a serious problem with weight will understand.

You never realize how important a chair is until you cannot fit into one.


  1. Oh, how I know the dread of the unknown seat. I have actually spent years avoiding going to sporting events with my husband for that very reason. I have feeling wedged in. Soon I'll be able to go with him to any event! Congrats to you for you victory of the booth!!! Yay!!! That is a happy dance moment!! :)

    1. I sure was! I used to love going to sporting events and the movies but stopped because of the seats! I'm so glad I can have that part of my life back again!