Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Are You Doing? Orkut Scraps Sunday Scraps

Things have been pretty busy for me lately but my vow is to update more!  So to just fill everyone in on what's happening right now:

School is in - My classes are overloaded and my brain is fried!  The same mayhem and foolishness as always...

Grad School -  I'm working on my proposal and it's going well but just taking up so much time.  I need 48 hours in a day!

As for the weight loss, my next doctor appointment is coming up.  I've gone down 3 dress sizes (from a 5X to 2X!).  I know I'm still losing but I'm resisting buying a scale because I'm afraid I'll become obsessed with it.  I know eventually I'll get one but I'm not ready yet. 

One of the biggest adjustments have been eating.  Learning to eat smaller portions when you are used to plates full of food is a mental challenge but so far, I've been doing OK.  I've been considering therapy but I haven't had a moment to look into a good therapist yet.  Any suggestions?  Most of the challenges have been mental.  People are seeing the weight drop but in my mental picture of me, I don't see it.  I haven't taken any new full body shots yet and I suppose I should just to compare.  I think part of me is afraid to see how far gone I had gotten before the surgery and I know that's something I need to acknowledge. 

I hope everyone is having a happy Sunday, doing what makes you feel great.  I've been doing homework but I'm done and I'm going to RELAX!!

Smooches!!  XOXO