Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Next Step - The Sleep Study

Today I have my sleep study and can we say, nervous?  There are several reasons for the nerves. 

1.  I'll be hooked up to all kinds of machines!  They will monitor eye movement, heart rate, breathing, pulse and goodness knows what else!  Did I mention the video camera?

2.  The strange bed.  Even when traveling, I don't sleep well in beds that aren't my own.  I tend to be restless and sleep really light away from home so I can imagine what affect this might have on my study results.

3.  Sleeping alone.  I know this one may seem silly but I haven't slept by myself in 11 years.  It's not always fun sharing bed with hubby.  We fuss over cover, whose side of the bed, pillows and all the other stuff that cohibitating sleeping quarters bring up.  But I am used to reaching over in the night and feeling his arm, just knowing he's there.  We've already talked about how weird it is to be sleeping apart and I feel just out of place.  I know I won't sleep well and again, this might jack up the tests!

I'm ready to get this over with, I'm so tired of tests but I think this is the last one.  Now to find my lunch and make it through the rest of my day!


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