Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet My Nemesis

This, my friends, has been officially declared the enemy.  What you have before you is a cupcake but not just any cupcake.  This is a Lemon Dream Supreme by the ultimate in cupcake makers, GiGi's.  It's made in the shop and it's everything you think it is: light, fluffy, lemony goodness.  The shop is a sensory delight!  It smells heavenly of cake, vanilla and cooked sugar.  The scents and the sight of the cupcakes in the display cases beckon you to come closer and indulge.

Gigi's was introduced to me by a friend after I was craving red velvet cake (yes, they have red velvet cupcakes).  I didn't know I would be hooked so fast!  I have to turn my back on Gigi's so I can get back on track but wise men say you have to know your enemy so you can defeat them.  I have met my enemy.  Now I'm in for the fight!

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