Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday and How Was Your Weekend?

It has been a great week  (except for the Anytime Fitness debacle).  We've been out for spring break and this means 9 weeks left before summer!  YAY!!  Professionally, I feel I'm at a crossroads.  I love education but I'm ready to step out of the classroom and see what the rest of the field has to offer.  I know I'll continue to be an advocate for quality education for all kids but I think I'll be more productive outside the classroom now!

I did a little shopping while I've been out.  Here are my new walking shoes:

They are actually WALKING shoes and not cross trainers or runners.  I almost hate to wear them because they are so clean and white! LOL.  After I gave myself a moment to wallow, I decided that I wasn't going to let the gym, or the lack there of, stop me.  This means hitting the streets or the track.  The bonus will be at least it's free and funds aren't super liquid so that's a great thing! 

We spent Saturday at the Military Park in Vicksburg (about 45 minutes from the house) with number 1 nephew and the god kids.  The park was fun and educational.  Nephew enjoyed it and wants to go back.  Hubby and I talked about the fact that post-op, we could come back and ride through the park on bikes.  We saw a lot of people biking and hiking through the park and the setting is so tranquil and beautiful.  I'm actually excited that this is an activity that will be within my reach!

Today is my lazy day and I've been reading homework (my own).  Tomorrow, it's back to the grind and counting down the minutes until it's over!! Have a great first day of SPRING!!

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