Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back In The Saddle...Again

It has been a while since I posted here and while I've composed posts in my mind, they never made it here.  So here's a update on what's really going on:

  • So far, I've lost 27 pounds under the medically supervised weight loss!  (Yay me!)
  • I still have to lose 9 more pounds to meet the qualifications for the surgery.
  • However, my paperwork has been submitted to the surgeon with the understanding that I will be losing those 9 pounds and possibly more.
So my journey has been stressful because of real life (school and work).  I've learned along the way that some people I thought were trustworthy weren't really and I admit I went through an awful, ugly period because of it.  I still have to work with the person so I've prayed up about it and I've discovered that more people have my back than I realized.  It made me feel really good.

I've also found that once I made the decision to tell others I was preparing for the surgery, I found so many supportive folks in the strangest of places.  Of course, there are the "whys?" but ultimately, I make sure that everyone understands this decisions does not come from a place of vanity but it is a choice to live my life the way I want to live it.

I promise to do better here.  To be honest, I missed this and I really forgot how cathartic it could be.  More later



  1. First of all, CONGRATS for losing the 27 lbs and, more importantly, for keeping it off. Weight-loss in general is hard work but keeping it off is the real test. You'd be surprised by how supportive people can be when you share your journey with them. I'm here for ya, sistah! After all, we're both padding uphill from the same boat. <3

  2. It seems like most of the time we are rowing upstream against the current! I'm glad somebody understands the madness!!