Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday in the Park...

Well, actually at the football field. #1 nephew has a game so I'm on it. It's a really nice day for football even though we had to be here EARLY! The game is being played in a city about 45 minutes from where I live so we had to roll out early.

Just so happen, we were in this same city last night, we being my hubby, my cousin, and her girlfriend. We wound up at one of the casinos and of course, we ate. It was sinful and I immediately had the "omg, what have I done?" guilt. I have another 15 to lose and suddenly, any misstep brings on massive anxiety!

One thing that I did learn last night (other than don't let guilt paralyze you) is that I need to count calories. The discipline of it works for me. It helps to keep me focused and aware of what's going in my mouth. I also need to stop eating with said cousin. I don't think it's deliberate but she's a saboteur. I consider last night an exercise in mindfulness.
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  1. Counting calories is what has really worked for me. I think you will find it works well for you, too. Good luck!