Sunday, September 5, 2010

Death to March Aerobics and Random Sunday Thoughts

It's a lovely Sunday and I decided to get this down before the day gets sucked away.   We tried the march aerobics DVD and nearly passed out on the floor!!  LOL  It was funny and insane.  The guy who developed the video was a drum major for Jackson State University.  For those not familiar with black college bands, it's all about the show and the music.  The drum majors could perform moves like this:

So you can see how hilarity ensued!  After we picked ourselves off the floor, we decided to break out the "Walk Away The Pounds" DVD instead! LOL!!  The video might be something I'm willing to try once I get in better shape but not now!  If you are interested in a copy, let me know!

So on one of the blogs I follow "The Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss" had an post about fat, low fat and fat free foods.  Can we just say I was stunned?  Of course, I looked into this myself after reading what Erica wrote .  In my effort to lose weight and become more healthy, I am trying the clean eating.  All that means is knowing what's in your food, less processed foods, more fresh foods.  In other words, cook at home! LOL  After reading labels, you come to realize that the full fat foods are healthier by way of knowing what you are getting and just reduce how much you eat or limit the number of times you eat them.  I mean, what is some of this stuff in the fat-free foods?  There are ingredients I've never heard of and can't pronounce.  It may just be me but I like knowing what I'm eating!

Example:  I am an ice cream junkie and I love Breyers:  Now this is Breyer's Strawberry Ice Cream.  Look at the ingredients.   There are 6!  SIX!!!

Now let's look at the fat-free! It's strawberry also but check out the ingredient list .  There are EIGHTEEN ingredients listed and you only save 20 calories!  OMG!!    I personally would rather save the calories and have a scoop of the regular ice cream. 

We always assume that eating fat-free is good for us but not at the expense of the random ingredients!  Who knows what havoc they wreak on our systems.  They may even be part of the reason the weight is not moving!  Read the labels, folks, and get out there and become more knowledgeable about what we are putting in our bodies!

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