Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Certifiable? The jury is still out.

The psych eval was today and it was a complete session in confusion. I did a ton of paperwork and tests that kept asking the same questions. After a while, I started feeling nuts. In the back of your mind, you start to wonder if you are answering the questions right. They were true/false but some were so absolute that it was hard to say true/false. After that was a conversation with the doctor but he didn't really ask any life-altering questions. I will get a printout of the result so this will be interesting.
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  1. It is hard to know what to make of such assessments or even how to respond. So, don;t get too down about it.

    In your last post you mentioned eating clean. I have not heard it described that way before, but, sounds interesting. I know Marion Nestle would agree that the fewer the ingredients the better. Take care, Michele @

  2. I'm seeing that the fewer ingredients is better. I really wonder what effect those chemicals have on our bodies and our weight.