Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sharing Is Caring!

Today I was reading a post on a blog I follow "A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss". You don't have to be black or a woman to follow, just willing to read. She posted an article called " Handling Unsolicted Advice and Big Girl Guilt". After reading it, I really started thinking about how much guilt we all carry that really doesn't belong to us. There are times when I wonder am I a good daughter, sister, friend, wife, teacher, aunt and all of this just weighs me down. I'm learning that I bury my emotions with food instead of facing them directly. What I'm also coming to understand is the fact that I can't control perceptions about me and that I can only do what I can do. As direct as I can be, I hate to hurt feelings or have someone angry with me so I choose avoidance. Now I see I wasn't avoiding, I'm just redirecting all the negative into myself.

I know a lot of my angst stems from wanting to be in control and for a long time, I thought I could control most things. As I get older, I'm seeing that by me trying to hold it all together by myself, I was blocking any potential blessings because I wouldn't or couldn't get out of the way. It's hard to give it all up and let God take the wheel but I know as a step in this journey, I have to reconnect with my faith or it's pointless.

Baby steps, baby steps!


  1. I too need to be in control of everything. It is a daily process to let go of the things I truly can't control and give them up to God. I've discovered a lot of my anger comes from wanting control but not having it. The weight issue is the one thing I know I can control but, oddly enough, the one thing I never did control until 2 yrs ago.

  2. Girl. Get outta my head!!! No wonder we get along. We're nearly clones!! :P I have yet to read that article, but now I'm gonna make it a point to do just that. I have nothing more to add to that post as a comment because you've said it all. You've just expressed exactly what's been going on inside here. *thumps chest* As I said last night, take it one day -- if not one minute -- at a time. That goes for more than just the aches and pains. ::HUGS::

  3. Tanya - OMG, I totally agree! Wanting to have control but not having it is the thing that has been burning me up! The harder I tried to hold on to it, the worse it got! I'm just starting to let go of some of that anger but it's been a trial!!

    Liz - We do think so much alike! I'm working on the one minute at a time and sometimes I have to take the one second at a time!! *HUGS*